Very Odd Problem with Nero



Hi All

I upgraded to the latest version of nero from 6603 and NVE 3100 and since then on nearly all DVD I copy a get an odd problem when playing in my Sony DVD NP400(on a different player the disc plays fine). The dvd play and will go to the main menu if I then select the film the dvd player kicks back to the blue sony screen. Press play again and it will resume and play the film ok. I tired downgrading back to my old versions but still I get the same issue. I then tried copying a problematic film using a mates PC and it then plays fine.

Thus it must be something wrong on my PC, anyone got any idea how I can fix this I have trawled various forums but can see nothing like this. I don’t know whether it is recode or burning ROM which is causing the problem.

Any help much appreciated.


Actually, we have a newer version of Nero on our website. Please check with that version and then post your reply.


That’s my point I have upgraded to and and that’s when I had the problem. It actually happened with your last upgrade a month or so ago ( I think) so I waited a month to see if a new version would make any difference, alas no!

I was using version & 30114 with no problems. As I said I can copy a DVD on a mates PC using any version of NERO and it plays on my Sony fine, I have tried different media (+R, -R various brands) and still the same issue.

I have tried uninstalling to go back to the old version (using clean tool pack to ensure registry etc… is clean) but even now on the old version I still have the same problem.

Any help much appreciated.



I have now used DVDshrink(default settings) and then used Nero buring to copy the DVD and the disc plays fine in my Sony machine.

Thus the issue would appear to be in recode.



Interesting. Does the disc you create in recode play on your computer correctly?


Yes plays on the PC fine and as I mentioned other DVD players as well. I have tried several films and all so far have the same issue.

For now I am stuck with shrink, recode in my opinion give better results.

Any ideas how I can fix this?



Perhaps the Nero Recode program is not properly setting the bitsetting proplerly. Have you tried to insert one of your recode discs and use Nero CD-DVD speed to change the bit setting?