Very noisy motherboard fan

Recently, when ever i turn on my computer when it has been off for a while, it makes a loud, very annoying grudging noise. Before it would make the usually humbing noise which was ok. When it makes the grudging noise, i can shut it down and start it back up and it will make the usually sound…

If i leave it off overnight and turn it on in the morning the loud grudging will start again and i can’t have the hassle of shutting down again…

At 1st i thought it was the harddrive but i now realise it is the motherboard’ fan. I have compared the rpm in bios when it makes the loud noise and when it doesn’t and there is no difference.

What could be the problem? Does it need cleaning? If it does what shall i use?

Any ideas?


Take it on/off.
Clean it well.
Don’t tighten it too much when putting back on.
Replace it with a new fan ($5 is worth the hasstle noise-free environment)

NB fan are pretty much useless unless you OC like a mofo. Take that shit off and put a large NB sink in its place.

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Unless he’s talking about the CPU fan. :wink:

I just installed that baby in my dad’s PC today, as he kept complaining abouyt the crackling noises his northbridge fan made.

My advice: if your case is cooled well (enough airflow) you can safely go with this device. In a poorly cooled case this heatsink without fan can lead to problems, especially on fast/overclocked systems, or systems with (enabled) IGP (graphics integrated into the chipset).

I have just realised it was the fan on my graphics card making the noise (stupid me). I cleaned it because it was covered in dust. It had made the sound quieter but not how quiet it used to be. I realise that in a few months my graphics card will die, i can tell.

So i need to look around for good graphics cards with good prices. I have been looking at the ATI radeon 9600 series, looks good.

Sounds like the fan bearing has gone dry.
Here is a tip i learned from my dad.
remove the graphics card
look at the fan, if it has a label on the center remove it, it may or may not reveal the shaft and bearing, if it does apply some WD40 lubricant spray, but be careful or you’ll get the spray everwhere. If you don’t have WD40, a little drop of cooking oil will do just as well. Let the oil soak in and wipe away any excess oil before refitting the card.

Or just get a new cooler and put it on there.

You might want to hold off a bit, with the NVIDIA 6800 series and new 6600 series ATI is sure to do something to try and get their spot back. Also the new ATI cards do not, as yet, support the vertex shader version 3.0 spect whereas the NVIDIA do.

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