Very nice dual layer burner

using herries 107v2b6 (currently just converted nec 2510 2.15 dual layer fw) for my 2500A to burn my only dual layer disk.

very nice results…mkm dual layer disk.

media block

0000 : e1 0f 32 10 00 03 00 00  00 fc ff ff 00 22 d7 ff   ..2.........."..
0010 : 00 00 00 4d 4b 4d 00 00  00 00 00 30 30 31 00 40   ...MKM.....001.@
0020 : 25 25 37 0c 02 2f 63 02  2f 63 21 23 0d 0e 14 14   %7../c./c!#....
0030 : 02 01 01 10 00 21 23 0d  0e 14 14 02 00 00 00 00   .....!#.........

i suggest when you scan dual layer disk to do so at 2x, as at 4x you dont get clv for dual layer disks and this can distort scan.

results from cdspeed3 (kprobe2 doesnt seem to scan dual layers very well).

Did you test that DL burn on your NU 082 also? If so, how did it compair? How was the Jitter?

Thanks, Michael

@ Jamos

That is sweet. What is your burning software? Also, who is MKM and where is it sold (is that who makes media for Verbatim?)?

“MKM” stands for “Mitsubishi Kagaku Media,” manufacturer for DL media for Verbatim.


the nu 082 will not read the disk. I feel some dvd burners will need a fw upgrade to be able to read dual layer burned disks. Its in the way they try to identify the disk to see if its burnable i think. the liteon reads it fine. As far as jitter im not concerned with it…i think the whole jitter measurment argument for readability is a bit overblown…if you have low errors your going to have acceptable jitter.

and all of my 8 or so home dvd players play the disk fine.

its verbatim dl mitsubishi MKM made in singapore. bought at bestbuy. right now dual layer media is a bit hard to find and expensive to justify buying. but its good to know my existing burner can handle it. burning software is DVD decryptor using the Elby driver.

When and where has your ND-2500 been manufactured?

where did you get this beta 6 ? only beta 5 is available no ?

Beta 6 is the 2.15 from the 2510 firmware that Herrie has released. It has no media hacks.

ok thk u :slight_smile:

ah thats great. i get my drive tmrw :slight_smile: i can’t wait for the DL media to come out here in the uk. waiting for SVP to stock them in and i will buy at least 2 when they do :slight_smile:

Beta 6 still has no media hacks?

Beta 6 from what i take is the last release that Herrie did B 4 he started working on stuff for the 3500. Correct me if i’m wrong.