Very newbie question

I’ve tried a few searches about my situation, but it looks like Iv’e got to ask. Here’s my situation.

Compaq 5WV254 5000 series computer
512 memory
2.0 usb
eic hard drives - mp3’s on a Western Digital 60 g.
Windows XP home
700 Athlon

For digital audio playing, I have an original Rega Planet cd player and a Toshiba SD 4800 dvd player.

I have mp3’s. I want to commit them to permanent hard copy so I can keep them for a long time. I would like them to sound as good as possible, but I want to do this the simplest way, w/ as little stress and headache as possible. I have not touched the mp3’s, They’re from winmx and ripped from streamripper radio.
I just play them through wmp9. My questions are, If I go the cdr route;
Will cdr’s play on my Rega Planet ? The dvd player says it will, provided the file names are 8 characters or less. Is that a pain to do? Can you still recognize the songs that way?

I was planning on getting a Yamaha f1. Should I get one as soon as possible, are they getting hard to find? Are the factory remanufactured ones worth buying?

Lastly, is there anything else I should know before doing this?
Any timeless, sage advice, avoiding problems, etc? Would other burners be a better fit for what I want to do?

A thousand thanks

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Hi spark that bled and welcome to the forum.

Most standalone dvd players of the current age , can easily play cd-recordables full with mp3’s on them. Most do NOT playback cd-rewritables or dvd-recordables with mp3’s on them. I guess they all use the same cheap old chip. I have the pleasure that my Philips DVD640 plays it all.

The 8.3 standard filename is usually not a problem. Sure , the track list will only show the first 7 characters and a funny one , but for most of them it’s no problem.

The yamaha is an excellent writer to store your mp3’s on a cd with. (Just use nero). You can also easily convert your mp3’s to cd-audio tracks using the same drive. In fact , it has some options to enhance the playability of the cd-audio discs. See the cdfreaks review of the drive for more information.

Regards ,

Mr. Belvedere

I looked through the review, but I couldn’t find a description of the mp3 to cd audio conversion – how would I do that?

Phillip K. Dick - Reality is a conspiracy

Did a search, I think I found the answer, if I burn as a wave file, @16 bit, have a .cda extension, at 44,100 Khz, I’m ok.

Phillip K. Dick - Reality is a conspiracy

you want mp3 to wav??

i use burnatonce (freeware) which uses the lame codec…it decodes the mp3’s and then burns them to an audio cd

or Lame-drop…used drag the mp3 on the icon of the program and you get wav files…which can be burned to an audio cd

I have a program called ez mp3wav converter.

You can try here for another conversion (its the one Ive been using)

It seems to work quickly.

Another thing you can do, if the dvd player will play mp3 is to leave it like they are if you are lazy. Some of the cheaper, newer ones seem to do everything

Originally posted by spark that bled
Did a search, I think I found the answer, if I burn as a wave file, @16 bit, have a .cda extension, at 44,100 Khz, I’m ok.

You will want to use a wave file to burn, but don’t rename it with a .cda extension. Instead, leave it with the .wav extension and burn it to the CD with the “Audio CD” or “Music CD” function of your software. There is no such thing as a .cda file; that is just the Windows way of showing you the tracks on an audio disc.

Thanks, CDRecorder, I think Iv’e decided to get a Plextor Premium U , but I’m going to wait till I find a good deal on one.

Good decision! I’ve heard that the Premium is a really nice drive. I hope your new drive works well for you! :smiley: