Very newbie question re: dvd rws

I just noticed that some DVD-RW drivers are about 20cm, but my bay drive is only 15cm, so how would they fit in there :o? (planning on buying a DVD±RW btw, any suggestions would also be welcome :slight_smile: )

here’s the picture that i saw btw:

as long as your case has a standard-soze drive bay (just about all do), you should be fine.

Some longer units can hit the mainboard capacitors if you’ve got a larger mainboard with protruding capacitors (or whatever), but generally speaking you should be fine, even with the longer ones in the pic.

Have you looked inside your case lately? I bet there are drives in there that can be a little longer (or are a little longer) that can fit comfortably in there. There is always some space left at the ‘back’ of every drive to accommodate for slightly longer (deeper) drives.

I do prefer the small ones tho, eh.

“Measure twice, install once.”

You need to open up your case and make sure you have enough room for your intended drive. That said, I recently installed a BTC 1008 which is 19.3 cm in a Shuttle small form factor pc without any problem. In general, the LiteOn drives are the shortest.