Very Newbie Question: Is there a loss in quality when an avi file is burned into DVD?

As the Topic question.

Pertaining to why I asked this question. This is because, when i decided to watch an avi file I burned to a DVD-R few years ago recently, i noticed that there was remarkably number of instances of pixalation. [ I burned the avi file as a data DVD compilation using Nero Vision directly ]

So I would to know, is this to be expected, or is this the result of degradation of the DVD media. I did read up a bit, and found out that that particular disc’s media ID was that of the Ritek one, which in another site was said to have degradation issues.

So I am kind of perplexed at the moment.

Also, i would like to ask an additional question, would just storing such avi files as data on large portable harddisk be advisble for long term basis? The only reason i am asking this is because it is quite cheap for me to do so, (about SGD 220 for 500 gb external usb harddisk.)

I am very concerned about the degradation of the quality of the media file, as alot of these files are strategically required in my work. And I want to minimise costs (I know its very typically stingy but… … . )

Anyone has any recommendation of storage of avi files as data files on any storage medium for long term usage?

Thanx for any help :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s more a result of the transcoding.

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If the media ID was Ritek G05 (or even G04) then is quite likely the problem is down to media degradation.

Assuming that the source file was good then most often the picture break up is caused by initially a bad burn , caused by crappy media/burner firmware mismatch or poor choice of burn speed , and then media degradation.

Sometimes the actual conversion to DVD format can cause pixelation/artifacts but I’d go with what I’ve already suggested.

Thanx alot guys for the quick response :stuck_out_tongue:
Just a couple more questions.

  1. Could pixalation also occur if the content is burned from 1 cd to another?

  2. Also, what would be the appropriate temperature and room humdity to maximise the lifespan of storage media?

  3. I am using an external BenQ usb DVD DD EW164B Burner.
    a. What would be the best burn speed to burn?
    b. What is the best DVD media to use? Media ID and Brand?

  4. Does the Cpu processing speed matter in the process of avoiding bad burns?

  5. You could rule out Transcoding, since i did not do any of these, so I can safely assume the problem is with the media and burn speed rite?

  6. Any other possible variables to consider?

  1. Probably not as PC optical devices are far better readers (or the software is better at error handling) than standalone devices. Don’t do disc-to-disc though, go via the HDD.

  2. No real idea about that.

  3. Verbatim is a good choice of media , Made in Taiwan DVD+R 16x probably being the best option with burning at 8x-12x.

  4. Not really.

  5. Yes

Exactly, EVERY conversion will lead into quality loss.