Very newbie question: how do you burn like 100 songs on one cd? So I can play it in my new car stereo (the stereo is AAC compatible)?

Ok, this may be a completely elementary question, but I still need help. I have been downloading and burning songs on cds for years. I always make cds with about 19 songs per cd (and i believe the songs are in wav/mp3 format). I recently got a new car head unit which states it will play cds with over 100 songs on it. So my question is, how do I burn 100 songs of my iTunes on to a cd which will then play in the car?


You should look at detail specs for your player to see what format they have to be in.
It will not be a wav, because 100 of those will not fit on CD.
It most likely is mp3 with low bitrate. In that case you make CD same way as you did for 19 songs, only files will be mp3.

Make sure your your car CD Player will play MP3s, then U can burn close to 168 songs on One CD. With this many songs U will be able to drive to China and never change the Disc