Very newb question

can i backup pc-games with just one actual physical NOT VIRUTAL cdburner/cdrom drive ???

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I can give you two answers:

Yes: PC games are datacds and those can be backed up. Some (since about 1998, about all) of the discs are protected with a so-called copy protection. The idea of these protections is to make it impossible for home users to backup a protected disc. Ofcourse, (as always) most copy protections can be backed up, as long as you have the right hardware. There are also other ways to make a working backup of a game, but as they are considered to be illegal, we don’t deal with them on our forums.

No: there are some protections that are extremely hard to beat…

Are you planning to buy a CDRW drive? If so, what are your requirements? Maybe we can give you some good advice ;)…

it’s real simple. i have a cd burner. i made a virutal drive with alcohol 120%. i want to ultimately make another physcial copy of call of duty. so then i will have 1 orignal copy and another physcial actual copy i can hold in my hand. if your wondering, i am going to a LAN party and want to leave my orignal copy safe and sound at home, while i bring the backup to the LAN party. theives are at LAN parties, and would love to get a new copy of COD. if my copy is stolen by some basterd, O well!!! b/c i was smart, i still have the orignal copy at my house. is this possible to do? If so, with what programs? can someone plz give me a walkthrough on this exact problem and not give me a link on how to copy a cd in general. thank you in advance!:slight_smile:

i’m pretty sure what i am trying to do is the following. burn my cod cds to my HDD at path xxxx. burn xxxx to the virtual drive. put a blank in my ACUTAL cd burner and copy the xxxx image on the virtual to the blank cd on the cdburner. correct me if i’m wrong, but is that not the basic process i would have to do with a cdburner and a virtual cdrom drive. now i need the specifics on that.

  1. download clonecd or alcohol 120% and clonyxxl. use clony to scan the protection on the cd. remember that protection.
  2. fire up alcohol 120% (recommended) and click inage making wizard, choose the protection type that clony said it was and click next a couple of times. this will create a copy of the cd on the hard drive.
  3. choose image burning wizard, choose the protection type again click next a couple of times with a blank cd in the burner and it will burn the cd.

you can get a trial copy of clone cd and clonyxxl (its freeware) off my website in utilities and applications section. clony is direct download and clone cd is through p2p. you can go to to get the alcohol trial. And if it all works out then you should have a working backup. my website (i fixed the page link problems) for a direct download of clone cd try

clone cd was freeware. so i used and got the free version from there.