Very new to this (backing up PS2 Games)

First of all, I’m really new when it comes to this, so please forgive me in advance. I just bought my boys a ps2 yesterday and a game each. They’re very rough on their things, so I’m worried about the games. Is it legal for me to make a copy of their games as a backup?

If so, do I need to have a chip in the PS2 to play a copied game and how do I go about making a copy of it so it will play?

Thanks for anything you can tell me!!


Sony would tell you no you can’t make a copy of your game but people do it all the time for the very reason you want to. There are a few ways to play a backup, a chip is just one. Of course you know modifying your ps2 means no more warranty. There is so much info i could give you but the best thing to do is start your research here: You’ll have to join the forum to get to the tutorials but i guarantee you’ll learn everything you need to know, it’ll probably be overload once you find out your options.