VERY new to copying DVDs... and problem with DVD Fab



I’m very new to trying to copy a DVD. My older computer gave me problems just trying to burn music CDs so I gave up on learning at that time. Recently bought a new Acer Laptop and its awesome. I’m trying to make a copy of a DVD I have to send a friend.

Here’s the problem.

Before I got my computer, I had another friend take the original DVD to a friend of her’s to make her a copy. She made a copy for her, a copy for me and I got the original back. I also supplied the blank DVDs. The copied DVD played fine in my home DVD player (older Toshiba…just not sure how old). So, I tried to make a copy of the same DVD using DVDFab Platinum.

The first problem I had was that after I inserted a blank DVD, it wasn’t recognizing it. I tried (several times before I guess I got it right) to format the disk. FINALLY got a copy made and the stupid thing won’t play in my home player. I’m using the same disks we used for the other copies we have.

Is it a problem with my DVD player or am I copying them wrong???


Welcome to CDFreaks Forum; Try to use brand name media for copying and use Nero express (can be downloaded from in case you don’t have Nero and use it as trail period for 30 day).


Nero recently changed their trial period from 30 days to 15 days. While it’s not as generous as it used to be, 15 days could be enough time to see if it’s worth purchasing.


The blank DVDs are Sony. Is that a good brand name???

Is there a particular reason the DVDFab stuff isn’t working or is it just not as good of (or the right) program?

Thanks for the input!!!


You do not have to format the disc before doing a backup, DVDFab Platinum is a GREAT program if you having trouble with it you will get better help in the DVDFab section use the link below


Pay for a copy of AnyDVD and pair that with DVD Decrpyter. Once ripped and all protection is stripped, use the free version of DVD Rebuilder with the fantastic, and free, HC encoder. Once you start using Rebuilder, you’ll almost never go back to any other tool for basic backups. You may even decide to purchase the Pro version of Rebuilder, as I did.


Why use 2 or 3 programs to burn a DVD when just 1 will do it?


Ever read the forum rules?? :rolleyes:


I looked over the rules. What am I doing wrong??


I tried posting on the DVDFab area, but since I put the same information, I rec’d a response that my post was frozen because it was the same stuff.


As Chef pointed out in the boldface text where he quoted you, the use to which you have put the software violates copyright law at least in the US and probably most other countries (the extra copy that was made). Posts that discuss such practices can cause legal problems for the forum operators and so are against the rules. As to the cross posting (same question in more than one thread) I think you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Stormjumper is correct that you would get a better response in the DVDFab forum since that is the software you were using. I guess theoretically you should have asked a moderator to move the post for you (which is frequently done from this forum to DVDFab’s).


Thanks for the help, but its not a copyrighted DVD.


@MandiB99: No problem… but unfortunately the fact that you are using DVD Fab, and distributing the copies has been interpreted by some members as possibly contravening forum rules. This software is normally bought by people wishing to make backups of their own original commercial and copy-protected DVDs, and handing out the copies wouldn’t be acceptable here.

Since you say there is not a copyright issue with the DVD, then there’s no problem that we can continue. However if the DVD is not protected then you can just make a simple copy using DVD Decrypter in ISO read mode and burn back to a blank DVD in ISO write mode.

Nevertheless if you still would like specific help with DVD Fab, then PM me and I’ll transfer this thread to the DVD Fab forum where you may get more direct help.


Transferring to DVD Fab forum by OP request…


I was also advised by another friend not to download a lot of different programs onto my computer as it would end up wasting memory space because even if I delete them, they aren’t always completely deleted.

Please let me know if it is absolutely necessary to download another program or if the DVDFab Plat. I already downloaded will be sufficient for what I am trying to do.


Platinum will copy the disc for you without downloading or installing anything else.:slight_smile:


So do you think my home DVD player is just being too ‘picky’??

I had a similar problem once before. I had an old camcorder tape that I took to someone to make into a DVD for me. Spent about $60 to get it copied, then it wouldn’t play on my home player (same one). Took it back and it played on their machines fine.

I just think its strange that the other copied version is playing (the one someone else made for me). Maybe the best thing would be to find out what software she used.


More important than the software used is the type of blank media and the burner and how well they get along. And yes, some standalone players are very picky. The older ones are worse, most newer ones better at playing recorded discs. Some players require and will play only one type of media (i.e. +R only or -R only). I would get some quality blanks of both types and see which one your player seems to like better. When using +R media be sure to check the box in Common Settings–>Write to set booktype to DVD-ROM; if using -R media select SAO using the drop down box marked “Write type for DVD-R media”, also in Common Settings. And keep the burn speed between 4X and 8X until you find what your player will tolerate.


What type blank media are you using -R’s or +R’s


We think alike Paul :slight_smile: on this