Very new at this!



Hello people . I need some help ! I have downloaded a few movies using utorrent now these files are in a folder in “my documents” called “downloads”. Open that file and all my downloads are there…this is good,so far.I am having trouble opening these files with the various programs i have tried to burn them with(DVDdecrypter,alchol120,nero,burncdcc) Lets use dvddecrypter as the example.When i open dvddecrypter where it says source…please select a file,click that,opens “my documents” which contains “downloads” file,open that, there are all of the movie files i have downloaded.then when i choose the movie file i want to burn it just goes up to the little window that says “look in” instead of at the bottom where it says “file name” beside the open button.So i can’t get the file into the program i am using to burn.What the hell am i doing wrong?


Bad start :frowning:


this is only ok if these are public domain (ie not commercial copyrighted titles) if they are commercial titles, please do not post about this.

if they are not commercial titles, what format have you downloaded them in? you will need to convert them to dvd format before they will be recognized to burn in a burning program.