Very low ripping speed

Hi all,

I have bought a NEC 2500 and the ripping speed using dvd decrypter version is less 1X most of the time, sometimes dropping to 0.1x and sometimes goes up to 2x.
The firmware is 1.06 03121900.

I have the Nec as a secundary master and a LG dvd-rom as a secondary slave.

can anybody tell me what is wrong with my drive?

Thanks a lot,


Athlon XP1700 AXDA DLT3C @ 12.5x171
MSI KT3 Ultra
512 DDR333 Crucial
Visionteck GeForce 3
40 GB WD Caviar SE

By default, the 2500 is locked at 2x ripping speed on dual-layer DVD’s. Lower speeds might indicate some problem with the disc, like scratches. See the sticky post for links to unlocked firmware.

Check to make sure your DMA is enabled.

I know is sounds funny but I cleaned the dvd with my jumper and now is ripping at 4.1x.

Too many finger prints possible… :wink:

Thanks a lot,