Very low living cost

I had a conversation that lasted some minutes with a former collegue. We both worked as the chief translators in the company. She’s been married for about ten years with a very cute boy and an even cuter girl.

She told me it costs less than US$90 to employ a driver or home-maid in Cebu, a city in Philippinnes. She moved there with her two children in June. Rented a big house that costs nearly US$900 a month which could cost US$10,000 if it were in Seoul. She runs a business of construction and car rentals and also teaches English to South Korean visitors. A multinational farmily firm is what she calls it.

It costs more than US$1,000 a month to employ a driver or a maid where I live. I know many people who are overpaid who usually does nothing in any day but receives US$4,000 a month but there are probably more underpaid people in this world than overpaid people.

blimey $90, is that per week? but i suppose that living costs for the maid/driver would be much lower :slight_smile:

No, month. :slight_smile:

MONTH!!! blimey how do they survive? in america/uk you can survive on about $90 a day, blimey. might move to phillipenes :slight_smile:

Woohoo, maybe you’ll get kidnapped and mutilated like all the white people who go there.

The phillipines stoner, not Iraq.

wrong country stoner better luck next tome :wink:

According to the CIA’s latest World Factbook statistics, the Philippines has an area a little larger than Arizona state and has an estimated population of 86.2 million in 2004, projected to be 147.6 million in 2050 by current estimation. The average monthly income per capita is about US$80.

Well, 40% living below poverty line and high density living on top - not really a place to be…

What, I thought the Iraqis are equal opportunity kidnappers. Phillipines hate white people, especially those religious white folks. They got crazy gorillas in that country.

I’ve also heard some crazy Phillippines stories from a few coworkers who have visited there.
If you are a visitor with money, you are a god there.
Unless someone decides to rob you… =-O

i got robbed in spain