Very intermittent read problem with LG DVD Writers



My OS is Win XP Pro SP2 fully patched and I have the following two LG DVD Writers:


I have a very intermittent problem with reading some discs (the last time was about six months ago and very similar, but much worse for me because it involved my complete backup and I was induced to reformat the DVD and lose all my data).

Up to now I have burnt all my discs with the internal IDE unit, but when the problem occurs both drives are affected in the same way in that they both suddenly fail to read certain discs (at the moment two).

One is a TDK CD-RW 1X-4X 700MB InCD format and the other is a Philips DVD+RW 1X-4X 4.7GB standard format. Both contain jpg files, but I have another TDK CD-RW with jpg files and InCD format that is read perfectly in both drives.

The NEC troubleshooting guide recommends uninstalling all packet writing software, but I am reluctant to do so unless absolutely necessary, because it is so useful.But of course reliablity is much more important

I have run NeroInfo on both drives but it does not seem to recognise the external one, although it is shown in its window. A Text comparison shows that the information is identical except that, surprisingly, the USB unit reports on the CPU, but the IDE one doesn’t. I have attached both files.

I notice that it/them doesn’t support Mt Rainer, which surprises me. Should I change it/them to get more reliability which is the key issue?

I hope this is enough info for someone.


Additional information:

All the files on the two discs are on my HD, so formatting and reburning would be no hassle if it helped the diagnosis.

Common symptom of the two discs - disc rotation does not start.

Both discs were made to have photos printed. I had forgotten that the shop does not have packet writing software but, in contrast to other times, their computer also showed that there was nothing on the disc. On past occasions their computer has shown small html files in various languages, saying that InCD had to be installed.

This indicates that the problem resides in the disc(s) although they are of reputable make, but clearly caused by the DVD Writer.