Very good Burner for MCC 004

Hi all,

My NEC 3540A just broke down :sad: and so i am looking for a very good burner for the Mitsubishi DVD+R 16X MCC 004.

The NEC 3540A had a average burning quality of 97% with this the MCC 004 :D, so that is one of my wishes

The other wishes:
support DVD+/-R(W)
NO SONY! :flower:, but NEC allowed.

Thnx in advance for your replies

Sorry for my bad english :doh:… I will translate it again, without errors this time :bigsmile::

My NEC 3540A has just broke down and i am now looking for a new burner that has a average burning quality of about 97% (with Nero CD-DVD Speed) on Verbatim Mitsubishi DVD+R 16X MCC 004 dvd+r.

Other wishes:
support DVD+/-R(W)
NO SONY! :flower:, but NEC allowed.

If anyone has a suggestion, don’t be afraid to post it :bigsmile:

thnx again…

Quality of 97% with MCC 004 yes we can all wish :slight_smile:

hmmz my NEC 3540A had a average burning quality of 97% with the MCC 004 (with Nero CD-DVD Speed).

Aren’t there dvd-writers with the same burning quality?

Hi :slight_smile:
You don’t want too much do you. I have had 2 LG4163bs that gave something along the lines that your looking for. Unfortunately an old drive, but someone I know has the 4167 which they claim to be as good if not better. My BenQ 1640/1650/1655 all are in the same ball park. Pioneer 110/111 also do it for me. If your wealthy then Plextors 716/760 would be worth considering.
So no Sony there, no Nec either. It your really happy about the performance of Nec, I guess that the 4570/4571 have to come into the equation.

Nice thnx

I will take the BenQ 1655 and the Pioneer 111 in consideration.

Any idea what the difference is?

Hi :slight_smile:
The Pioneer is excellent, but limited features. With hacked f/w (invalidates warranty)this improves removing riplock, adding bitsetting etc. Media support not that extensive, but the major ones covered. The BenQ versatility, makes the most of most media (SolidBurn).Overspeeding, bitsetting supported by manufacturer (so keep warranty). Has LightScribe, if that interests you. As a writer these are close. If looking for an allrounder then BenQ takes it. BenQs QSuite is downloadable & free. Check the QSuite manual to get an idea of the features. Both QSuite & manual can be downloaded from links in my sig.

Check the 111/A11 review on

You will be surprised what this drive is capable of…

Nice nice! Thnx for the info!

The main difference between the BenQ 1655 and the Pioneer 111 is that the BenQ legaly supports bitsetting and has overspeeding…

I think that the BenQ 1655 fits my needs, but just to be sure i will read the review on

I will let you know what my final choice will be!

Thnx for your reactions :flower: :clap:

The best burner for MCC 004 made by CMC is the LG 4166. It will burn at a true 16X and turns out scans that look like 8X burns.

Blue Ray will be out in June! LOL
The new NEC 4570 for some media or the 111/1655 for all media!

ps/ the 3550/4550 does fine so far!