Very frustrated

G’day I have been using nero to transcode and burn cd’s for a while now and lately it has been failing “burn process” after spending up to 5hrs to transcode files this happens, and i cant seem to try the burn process again without going through the whole transcoding saga which is enormously frustrating. I will attach acopy of the error log to maybee solve that problem but more importantly is there a temp file somewhere with the transcoded material on it so i can try to burn again. This is my first post and i searched for answers first. Any assistance would be very helpfull

Try these:

  1. Make sure you have your drive ( CD-ROM or DVD-RW) in DMA postion.
  2. Make sure you have emty space twice the size of DVD video you are trying to copy in your hard drive.
  3. Defrag your hard drive
  4. emty your “Recycle bin”.

I have since had to repload windows on my computer and nero and a problem is still occurring"cant finalize" i have attached another log file if anyone can help i would be in great appreciation

Also how do i change it to DMA