VERY frustrated - problem with CDR-W's being 'read-only'!



Please help…I am SO frustrated!!! I have backed files up onto CDR-W’s (I used the XP function to do this), thinking that I could delete/change them as necessary. The problem is, the files/folders, for some reason, are read-only and I can’t do anything with them without wiping out the entire disk and starting over. That kind of defeats the purpose! Someone told me to use a a free tool called ‘Read-Only’, but I’ve tried and still they remain read-only. First of all, how could I have avoided this ‘read-only’ problem in the first place…and second of all, any way to remove the read-only after the fact?:confused:


Damn! What a nuisance that is.


rip all the data back to the hard drive, and erase the disk. as i do not endorse win xp’s built in writing, i would suggest you look into IN cd, ahead’s cd-rw utility.

as for what went wrong, if you did not format the cd for packet writing before you allowed xp to burn data onto it, xp wrote it as if it were a one time use cd-rw.


A couple of questions: I have Nero…where in it is IN cd? Also, how do I format a CDR-W before using it?


InCD is a separate program from nero, and u use it to format ur cdrws. u can check out Ahead’s website for more info.


I have backed files up onto CDR-W’s (I used the XP function to do this),

Did you then install Roxio EZCD Creator 6 and the drag to drop (better known as direct cd)? If so I believe your problem may be there, the same thing happened to me, I had to install directcd from 5 on another computer to mess with the files on the cdrw. It’s not the first time Roxio has built in an incompatibility they did it from 4 to 5 also.


The timing of this post is incredible! First let me say that while I’m no expert, I’m also no neophyte to computing, blah, blah, blah. That said, just yesterday I had some extra time on my hands so I decided to go ahead and install incd (again) and just play around with some prev created cd/rw archives. Just some software app’s serial numbers, etc. After COMPLETELY mrw formating followed by a regular (slow) format, I got the same “cannot burn read only crap”. Even though the use of packet writing software and cd/rws are in no way remotely efficant these days, I just enjoy fiddling around and the whole concept of using a cd as a floppy. Yesterday I gave up in frustration and uninstalled incd…the end result is not worth the time and trouble, stress, etc. Today I stumble on this post…

I think that there must be a reg entry somewhere that can change the way windows sees the cd device…as a reader or as a burner and once located and changed, it will fix the problem Forgive my rambling.