Very faulty disc plays and rips fine

I just did a scan of one old Ritek DVD-R (RITEKG04). The scan was horrible, as you can below (also scanned it with my Pioneer DVR-111D, also horrible results). But the strange thing is I can rip this backup just fine on the same drive that did the scan and it works fine in my standalone dvd-player. Why is this so ? Should’nt this disc be almost unreadable ? I thought the errors shown should be a good indication of how this disc would behave in standalone player.

Well, LiteOn are good error correcting drives.

Standalone players, I believe, play at 1x - and yours might be especially forgiving anyway, like my Philips standalones are.

Also as Evilboy says, if you’re ripping on a LiteOn, they’re good readers, so they can probably overcome what a scan shows.

Have you tried a TRT on a really picky (i.e. not LiteOn) drive?

Looks like it’s degrading from both the inner and outer edges evenly. Pretty bad scan, but readable still. Max. PIF of 10 isn’t dramatic, still a 50% score :bigsmile: .

P.S. Don’t forget to back it up while you have a chance! :slight_smile:
P.P.S Just shows how freaky we are with our MCC & TY scans. :wink:

I’m not familiar with the drive that you used to test the disc, but not all drives are created equal when it comes to PI/PIF testing. Most DVD-ROM drives GREATLY exaggerate error levels and I’m guessing that’s the case with your scan. It’s entirely possible that a scan on a reliable scanning drive such as a Liteon or Benq burner would result in a far, far better scan.

According to Google it’s a 16x Portable DVD±RW, so I’m guessing it’s an OEM LiteOn.

Yeah I just checked and it seems as though it’s a rebadged Liteon so perhaps it’s capable of reliable scans after all. I would try a scan at 4x also, to see what sort of changes you get. Regardless of scanning results, I wouldn’t trust Ritek -R media for valuable data as they have just had too many deterioration issues.

Not really in my experience, I have media which scans very poorly but are still currently capable of being played back on [I]my[/I] standalones, but this doesn’t mean [I]all[/I] standalones would play such discs without issues. I know my drives are very tolerant of most potentially problematic discs, but it does not mean I would trust such discs to still be playable in several years.

Also, only PIE levels are very high on that particular disc, while PIF (if the drive is a Lite-ON) are not that high, hence the QS of 50.

It is a Litey.
Or at least looks like it, based on the colors of the PIF chart, it’s an 1ECC scanner;)