Very dissatisfied with Newegg

I bought a dvd writer (an external fantom dvd+/- RW) from newegg. It ruined 20 discs so I sent it back to newegg (I got one good dvd disc out of it). Newegg automatically charges a restocking fee, no matter what. I told them I would be willing to take a replacement, but that I wanted the rebate that went with it and asked for reimbursement of my postage. Instead, they refunded my 85% of what I paid, so I am out $21 for a drive that did not work and $10 postage. I recieved this item on the 18th and it was back in their hands by the 1st (less than 2 weeks turnaround). They demand a 7 day turnaround and they must first issue a return address and return #. Otherwise, they will not issue a full refund.

BTW, I had another drive which I burned out after writing about 300 disks with 5 coasters…so I have an idea as to what I am doing.

I have read many good reviews of newegg; but these are customers who product was working. Mine did not and they have done nothing to satisfy my complaints.

I have also contacted Fantom, and they are at least looking at the situation.

I won’t buy anything from newegg again.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

You mean you sent it back with no RMA#? :confused:

I have used newegg for years they have replaced items for me on a few occasions and I never had a problem. The only thing is you have to get a rma and send item to them. you will pick up the postage but that the way all mail orders seem to work.

Newegg has very clear policies regarding returns etc. if you dont follow them then why complain?

That is quite interesting that you all assumed that I did not follow their directions. They sent me a non-functioning burner, I returned AS PER THEIR INSTRUCTIONS WITH A RMA, and, at first, I was going to be out postage and 15% restocking. It took about 2 weeks from the day I received it to the day that they received it.

I also sent them 3 emails and offered to take delivery of a replacement or of a refund. My last 2 emails were returned unanswered. I have no idea what happened there.

Anyway, since I posted this, they called me, gave me credit for the additonal 15%, the postage, and they are even sending me 20 disks to replace those I burned (I put the bad disks in with the burner). I think this is all fair. I have not recieved any of this yet; but I do have a confirmation email from them indicating that they will do all of these things.

I would ask at this point for suggestions for an external burner; however, I think some of you might thinking I am asking that in an improper way?

Sounds like they made good once they saw this post. I feel they get alot of business from us.

What is your system that you want this external for? It may be cheaper to buy a internal writer and a external enclosure seperatly, instead of a external combo.

I’d go one step further than Jamos and ask if there is a particular reason you need an external burner. I’ve seen a LOT more issues with external burners than internal ones, the only exception I know of being my Plextor PX-708UF at work, which I’m using connected to my laptop via Firewire (perhaps Firewire doesn’t have the issues USB sometimes seems to).

P.S. I’ve been ordering from NewEgg since they opened up shop online, and I’ve only had one return, and never had a problem.

Yes, external drives can be more problematic. Most problems related to external drives seem to be USB related. That is not to say FireWire is problem free.

Pre-Packaged External Drive:

Advantage: Only one company to deal with for tech support. Often look pretty good.

Disadvantage: Often stuck with only a USB connection, cannot remove drive from enclosure without voiding warranty. Limited choices

Buying Internal Recorder + External Case:

Advantage: usually cheeper, can remove the drive and install internally to help with troubleshooting. Cases available with USB, FireWire, or with both USB/FireWire.

Disadvantage: Company TechSupport (moslty non-existant from what I have read - forum message boards & google are likely to be your best options), lots of poorly made cases out there.

Hope this helps more than it confuses :stuck_out_tongue: