Very Dark Picture

Ok so i took some security footage outside my house, problem is the video is almost pitch black, i can sort of see some movement , its on a dv camcorder that it was taken, im just wondering if theres any movie editing software i could use to brighten it up and see whats on it, or any filters that will let me brighten up the picture?


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Most good editing softwares have the ability to adjust brightness and contrast. Just make small adjustments to each and see if it helps. Depending on how much light and detail you have to work with on the video, you may be able to get some sort of picture. You may have to do a frame capture, and try using photoshop masks to brighten individual portions of a picture. Photoshop can do some amazing things, but it’s expensive. If what you are trying to do is catch a thief, I would suggest turning the video over to the police. They should have the necessary tools available to clean it up. Photoshop is pretty spendy software.

Thanks Harley i will give them a bash, see what happens…i just notice on the tape its pitch black,lol

If you can’t get the cops to do it, and you don’t have access to the software, take a snapshot of a screen, or capture a frame, and post it here as a tiff, or jpeg. I’m pretty tied up for awhile, but I will try to mess with it in photoshop when I get a chance…