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What would you say? What is the FASTEST way to get 25 dvd’s on the kitchen table from your camcorder? Please list equipt used!


@ slaak,

Suggest reviewing your “DVD Duplicator” Forum posting.

To make 30 DVD copies of your “Football Game” in a timely manner you are going to have to have some type of DVD Duplicator. Below are a couple of Web Links to Web Retailers that market DVD Duplicators ->

Another source to check out is “DVD Duplicator” at e B A Y

You are not going to be able to spit out 30 DVD copies in a few minutes. You are going to have to “Edit” and “Author” your “Master Copy” and then use a DVD Duplicator to make duplicate copies of the “Master Copy”. Another thing to consider is what Video Format does your Camcorder record in? Most Camcorders record in the DV Video Format. For ‘Everyone’ to play your “Football Game” DVD in their Tabletop DVD Player the finished product needs to be in the DVD Video Format which means that possibly you will need to do some type of Video Format conversion. I would assume that a 5 Drive DVD Duplicator would be the appropriate size DVD Duplicator for a 30 Disk DVD project. That means that you will have to make 6 different “Master Copy” runs to obtain 30 DVD copies of your “Football Game”. This entire process is going to probably take 2 to 3 hours to complete and not something that is going to take place “On The Kitchen Table” if it is going to be a ‘Quality’ product that the parents will want.



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Thank you! So far I have learned that I need a duplicator (thinking 10x) a camcorder (got my canon hg21) I have used nero to make a master with success(takes 15-20 minutes though ugh) and I have learned that making an avchd movie wont work unless I have a bluray or something similar. It seems that MOST of my time is waiting for the “master” to be made. Is there a way to make a master (no editing) straight from my camcorder? The canon dw-100 is crap Ive read so thats out. Thanks for your help…learning alot. Oh! and do you guys know where a Noob like me can go to learn more abut all this stuff? a web site like this one for example?


@ slaak,

I would suggest becoming VERY familiar with Google Search ( As an example is I just entered “DVD Duplicator Forum” into Google Search and low and behold here is the results ->

I believe you will have to learn to accept the fact what you desire to do isn’t going to be cheap and the total finished process will take time (way more time than 30 minutes) and if you desire a ‘quality’ product that the ‘Football Game’ parents will desire the finished product isn’t going to be produced on the ‘Football Game’ field an/or on your ‘kitchen table’.

And when setting this ‘DVD Duplication Lab’ up don’t skimp on blank DVD quality. To be able to produce a quality error free finished product only use known proven high quality blank DVD Media. Taiyo Yuden DVD Media is considered top of the line proven quality error free DVD Media which can be purchased at a reasonable price at Rima.Com (



Great info thx for that man! Im going to start researching right now!