Very cool removable rack for sata 500gb Hdd?

Could someone help me find a really cool /or you can call it cold too :slight_smile: / removable rack /internal so it does not connect through USB or firewire/ for a 500gb SATAII hdd?

My previous hdd also 500gb flew away last night. I’ve took it back to the shop /since I’ve only got it like 4 month ago/ and they’ve replaced it with a new one but told me the hdd in a rack will get too hot and will go bad again in 4 month /considering it’s winter almost maybe it will last till next july/ because of it’s size /500gb/ it will generate more heat so I should either not keep it in a rack or perfectly move it out of the case /make it external/. I do not want to make it external I just need the option to take it out easily if ever needed /usually not needed, but if I do not want a os installer to even see my hdd then I just disconnect the rack so it’s very practical, happened already acouple of times with xp otherwise it would install on the one that I did not want to install it/.

So which internal rack would be the coolest if there’s any? Or is it even true that it will defenetly go bad since it’s in a rack /it has a fan but it’s rather small also it’s a cheap rack but works with the 250gb hdd, they said that will not go bad from the heat it generates and that little fan is enough for it/ or they’ve just told me so to explain why did it go bad /that’s my guess since it was really noisy for more weeks before it want bad but always stoped after 2-3 minutes and 5-15 restarts so that one could have had a hardware problem too/?

Thanx for any ideas or opinions.

A rack with a fan may well be better cooled than some system cases, where the drives can be stacked deeply with no extra fan assistance.

Temperature monitoring software may be an idea.

Most PC cases will allow you to install a cool air intake fan in front of the hard drive(s), and with the current fast running/high capacity hard drives this is really mandatory.

Why don’t you just disconnect the power and/or data connectors from the hard drive when you don’t want it to be recognized by the system?

Assuming the rack is in one of the 5" drive bays, make sure it’s in the lowest one. And as stated already, it’s case cooling you need most.

@Matth: Thanx for the link, I’m trying it right now. They’ve started with 19c and 21C. Intrestingly the 19C is the bigger one. After 5 minutes they seem idle at 24C for the 500gb and 29 for the 250gb /that’s under the 500gb so it could be heating up better I’m planing to get them more apart today since I still have some space and I do not plan another hdd/.

@Cressida:I cannot put them infront of the big fan which is at the front, since /for some wierd reason/ they’ve turned the bays out. This way it’s stylish but atleast it barely fits in there plus I cannot connect the cable or I cannot close the case /that way I’ll loose a fan almost above the cpu/. Also my PSU cables won’t go that down /they too short, I guess they didn’t plan it for this case/.

Also I have to be able to take it out sice Im taking it with me on class /the data drive/ 'cause I’m allowed to use some own files for my tasks during exam /like video or sound files for a video clip or TV ad that I have to do/.

@CDan: Yes it’s a 5" drive bay rack / I’ve forgott the size and didn’t want to be incorrect/. As I’ve said above I’ll be moving them more apart /with that moving the hotter one to the lowest bay/. Also will think of /and try/ to get some better fans /they are all originals, the case fans are modded so probably it’s rather good looking then good, and I might want to get a new cpu fan, thinking the cpu might heat up the air in there. Also if they heat up then maybe getting a 2 faned rack /that was my original idea but I’ve thought it won’t make a big difference, actually I think this rack was made that way that I can add another fan since it’s the same rack only they’ve took out the 2nd fan to make it cheaper/.

Thanks for th ideas/answers everyone. So if I have a cooled down case I should not have heat issues with the drive /or if yes even then a 2nd fanplaced in the rack will be a solution/?