VERY cool little device from CES -dual slimline enclosure

Hey all, this was a sweet little idea I saw at CES a few weeks back. If you have a shuttle machine, or an Aria, you’ll really like this. Its a 5.25" drive bay with two slots for two slimline dvd drives. These can even be dvd slimline SLOT LOAD drives which means no tray on your shuttle machine. :iagree: :eek:

Check it out:

Dual Slimline enclosure

They also sell some slimline drives for what I can tell as a really good price. Type in “slot load” in the search in the corner for some cool results. :o

edit i’m not sure why i posted this in the bargain basement, but i guess there are some good deals on slimline stuff at the site. :slight_smile: feel free to relocate admin. :smiley:

Very interesting. I wonder if we’re going to start seeing more slim-line type drives. That would be great for people using the Shuttle barebone systems or something similiar to slide in a dvd-burner and a dvd-rom drive. :wink: