VERY cool CD/DVD-ROM drive

From Digit-Life

Gigabyte GO-M6000A: a “car audio” CD-ROM for your PC - Cormac @ 16:44
Gigabyte Technology is to release its new CD-ROM combo drive, GO-M6000A. Besides the “car audio” design, it features stereo FM tuner and enables CD/MP3 playback without OS bootup.

There are still few details about GO-M6000A, but, as you can see, the model can become a drive of choice for any PC modder. It’s also known that GO-M6000A will be supplied with a remote control.

Heh I hope it doesn’t cache audio and fits in the car :stuck_out_tongue:

Me want!!! :bigsmile:

me too :cool: :cool:

Me want too!! Wonder how much this will be …

If this one’s going to be affordable, I know what one of the upcoming presents may be… :wink:

planing to build a xpc ore something into the car … maby this will be the CD/DVD-rom … so that I can toss the old shitt radio ( without a cdplayer :frowning: ) … and build in this … YES … Me REALY WANT … NOWWW

nice. will have to look at the specs and all. wonder if anyone else is going to come out with something similar anytime in the future. im at work and will have to check this out in detail a little later.