Very confused, liteon ihas424b displays as a liteon DVDRW LH-20A1H



I think your right. Only one of my sata connections works. I used this in the front of the tower everything worked. Thanks for all the help, Im that much smarter because of it.

Fyiused this to transfer rosters for nfl 2k5.


Hey, I can still remember learning the ins and outs of my motherboard SATA and PATA channels, and I keep learning as they keep updating the standards. Glad we could help. Please do try getting a new SATA cable to test for a possible bad cable. And be certain that both SATA power plugs are plugged in firmly.

I am doin one of these :doh: for not asking you sooner if you had another dvd drive installed as well. The 20A1 should be there, because it was in your machine already :). Is that adapter a USB to SATA data and power adapter? Way cool :cool:. Who makes that one?


I have bought a ihas 224b and sent it back because it read as a “liteon DVDRW LH-20A1H”.

Just got a ihas424b in stall it and boom…liteon DVDRW LH-20A1H.

What the hell is going on. Is my computer I’m using to old? I’m at a complete loss for words with this.

Can anyone explain? Please![/QUOTE]

What is the serial number of your drive ?

PLDS use 2 different model names, a commercial model name “ihasxxx” and “LH-xxxx”

Send your serial number to this PLDS at this address

They might be able to help.