Very Confused About it

Hi im new on this forum and really want you experts to solve my problem. I have a dvd with my car . it is a Dual Layer 8.5 Gb dvd containing my car system which i have to load when my car systems malfuctioning or after battery change. i have to insert this dvd in my car dvd player and it loads its all system automatically. i have take backup of my previous car dvd backpu with alcohol. But now when i take backup of this dvd it copy 100 % and write as well but never run in my car dvd player. I heared that now car system dvds are protected sp how can i take its backup. in alcohol i make a dvd image and burn it but on this dvd this method not working it make backup and burn 100 % ok but never load in my dvd player in car how can i burn this kind of pretected dvd.

Try using a USB HDD. I use it and talk about the endless storage.

Thanks for your strange reply. and i have go throu the forum and find the way in the dvd navigation thread . Thanks by the way you seems like a usb lover.

You didn’t say what brand of media and what format - or + R’s, I would try using + R’s and booktyping them to DVD-ROM and see if that would work, if not then I would try using a - R disc as DVD Players in cars are very picky at times also I would recommend using Verbatim media