Very confused 111D owner, please read (maybe simple answer?)

I’ve been on a hiatus from the pioneer scene, over to the NEC scene.

I’ve just for back with the purchase of a DVR-11D but want to upgrade the flash, my things have changed from why I had my 105 :doh:

What I want to do is update from stock firmware to the latest that supports bitsetting for DL discs (ideally autobit set them to ROM for me).

I’ve been over the TDB website but see some all in one firmware updates, some INT firmware, some EXT firmware and i’ve read loads of threads on here, right now my head is spinning and I have NO idea what I have to download :sad:

Would someone please advice ?

All I want is a firmware that will bitset the DL discs to ROM, dont care about labelflash or DVDRAM discs… just bitsetting discs is all I care about.

I read about flashing to TDB 1.06 then to 8.25 but have no idea if this is right, its all confused me (information overload) :o

OK scratch this request, I’m going to start from the top following THIS thread

Wish me luck :smiley:

Argh! not 1.06 no no no… You would only need 1.06 if you needed to get a 111D Kernel, but you already have that, and you need a Buffalo Kernel.

Take the 8.19 Buffalo firmware and start there.

INT is internal, EXT is external (ie mounted in an external USB case). As we understand it the EXT firmware uses a burst rate and/or buffering best suited to the USB2 transfer protocol. External drives also have very short stubby IDE cables, and might have better support for higher ATAPI/UDMA modes that some motherboards might have a problem with.

Brother Vlad

Brother Vlad,

Thanks for the post, luckily I popped out BEFORE I did the upgrade. I’m going to follow your advice now.

I’ll let you know how i get on, thanks again!

everything went smoothly, now running 8.25 INT.


The stock firmware auto bitsets DVD+R-DL to DVD-ROM. - But the 8.25 also auto bitsets DVD+R to DVD-ROM

Ah… even better then.

Shame the stock firmware doesnt do them all, no need to run bufallo firmware if that was the case :frowning:

I just brought a OEM 111d from, I will flash it to buffalo firmware to enable bitsets for DVD+R.

If the burner is not working well and I had to get an RMA (just in case), how can I flash back from 111L 8.26 to the 111D stock firmware ???

Test your drive before voiding the warranty.