Very concerned with LVW 5005

I ordered an LVW 5005 last week and is scheduled for delivery wednesday (today is Mon) and i read on this forum that a lot of LVW5005 lasts only 5-6 weeks and some a little less and some a tad more.

Should i refuse my delivery and send it back so i dont have the headaches like some of the forum members here ?

Or HAs the issue been resolved or am I flipping a coin ?

Any updates or advice greatly appreciated :bow:

I have a lite on 5005 for about six months with no problems . I have dvd+rw and dvd+ or minus with no problems recording from cable. It depends what your paying - I got the 5005 at compusa with a rebate for a little over 100 on presidents day sale in february. You may have to update the firmware which I have not done in a few months. You are better off using brand name media not cheap media for the best results. I think it is just a 4x drive but that does not matter when recording off your cable. Hope this helps you a little. I am sure you can do a search for more info on cd-freaks forum.

Thats where i got info that freaked me out that it lasted only < 2 months. I have a VCR lasted over 4 years and still running fine. Thats what im purchasing to replace the VCR. I guess i cant donate the VCR to goodwill yet.

Clearly the issue HAS NOT been resolved. Regarding how much of a chance you are taking, the answer to some degree depends on the return/credit policy of the retailer you purchased from.

So far, I have been very lucky. I have not had any of the drive problems that have been so well documented here. I have owned my LVW5005 now for over 4 months. I have updated to the latest FW, have implemented the 3Hr and MV hacks and am overall very satisfied. Mine has an older DDW411s drive, which is possibly one of the reasons I have fewer problems.

But too many have had problems. If I did not already own one, I would not buy one based on what I now know about the experience of others. If your retailer has a liberal return/credit policy I don’t think you are taking much of a risk. But I would not recommend that you get into an endless loop of RMAs.

Give it a go, and let us know how you do with it.

Personally — I would say unless you really need the MacroVision tape copying ability – it’s not really worth it to buy one right now, there are just too many problems. My first one worked for about 4 months before it began having problems, and my second started exhibiting the same problems (though I think I have found out how to “produce” these problems in the machine now more quickly to see if the drive problems exist) in the first few hours of usage. I am in the endless loop of RMA’s as we speak, and it’s not fun.

Would be nice to have people without problem make as much noise as the one who do have problem…

Those unit are big seller, my guess is that they are having some problem, but not all of them do, as for the exact number your guess is as good as mine, I have mine since a month, no problem so far…

:iagree: or :disagree:

:slight_smile: or :frowning:


I’ve had mine for about 7 months, manufacture date Jan 2004. Even when I got it, it was already a year old.
(It was new BTW, not used, when I purchased it)

Any problems that I had the firmware updates fixed it. (the dreaded cabbage face and green tint)

I’m pretty happy with it now.
So here’s to the next 7 months and beyond :clap:

I have had mine since November '04 (Mfr’d Sep 04) and created and watched MANY a DVD on it before it started having media trouble in April. It is still working great right now on 1 media that I use. But to avoid restricting myself to one media I replaced the DDW-451s burner with a LiteON SOHW-832s burner only because of the RMA stories heard (2,3,4,5,6 times). So I ordered a LiteOn 1693s burner to replace the 832S in my PC. The final cost of the 1693s after the store $30 credit for getting their charge card is $25.99 only a little more than RMA’ing my 5005 back to LiteON and I will not be without it for the periods that others have mentioned.

If it ever breaks after warranty and I can’t fix it because it was not burner problems I would buy another one!

Ok i know you guys told me so
I accepted the delivery and has installed my new (mfg June 2005) Lite on LVW 2005. I played an original and recorded DVD so far no problem

Will keep fingers crossed and maybe do some recording this evening and see how it goes

Thanks for concern and will keep you guys updated