Very cheap upconverting DVD player from JVC

[LEFT]Every two weeks you see one of your neighbours running around with a big screen TV. As happy as they are they ask you to watch a football match and after being stunned and impressed, you see yourself saving some cash the coming weeks. Two weeks later and it’s your turn. You had a big fight with your wife since she doesn’t think that black, huge TV fits the interior and it will cost you fifty percent of your paycheck. To make sure your marriage survives the purchase you rent a romantic DVD…

Instead of a steamy night you get a new fight. The imaging is horrible and even you start to dislike your pride and joy. What to do next? You could buy a Blu-ray player, but this will cost you lots of extra cash. JVC comes with a solution, you can go and buy JVC’s cheap upconverting DVD player!

JVC announced that their player upconverts to 1080i and includes both component-video and HDMI outputs. For those that own a 1080p set, it’s smart to get a cheap cable to make sure everything works. This cheap upconverting player sells new for only $79.95 and is the perfect ingredient when saving a marriage. [/LEFT]

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This will now put four manufactures with standard DVD players that will up convert over component.

Oppo - will do 1080p

LG - will do 1080p

Helios - will 1080p

JVC - will do 1080i