Very cheap TYG03 from Maxell - real?



Is this real TYG03? It’s really cheap… Is this shop reliable or can I expect a bait and switch trick here?



It’s real! See here

I just ordered another 200 pieces.
They have the TY stamper code (GHxxxxxx) on the disc and are Made in Japan -> TYG03!

I can recommend this shop, it’s my 5th or 6th order. They have perfect e-mail support too.

EDIT: see my scans of those TYG03


How’s bonding on TYG03 discs? I hear DVD-R from TY had bonding issues, are they resolved?



The issues have mainly affected TYG02 from what I’ve heard.
I have not experienced bonding problems with Taiyo Yuden media. But maybe some just had bad luck (or I had real luck) with Taiyo Yuden…