VERY basic question - AnyDVD Ripper vs. Windows Explorer



I know this is a dumb, newbie, basic question, but I did search and didn’t find any info… it’s one of those things I think everyone knows so there’s no need to ask…

The question is, what is the point of using the AvyDVD ripper, why not just use Windows Explorer and do a copy / paste?



Copy protection is the point.

You cannot copy protected movies by just copy/paste.


I think he means when AnyDVD is active.


OK could be.


The ripper will correct the files (navigation pack errors).


@Pelvis Popcan, everyone that has posted is right, but they are men of few words.

forgive me for clarifying a little bit.

copying and pasting will get the files from point A to point B if you have AnyDvd Running, but without it running, if there are any structural or mastering errors those will get copied along with the files, and you may have trouble processing in programs that are not as closely related with anydvd and/or not updated as often (or at all…ie dvd shrink)

the anydvd ripper performs the same functions as the program “FixVTS” as it rips to the hard drive. you could theoretically copy and paste, process through fixvts, then process in whatever transcoder you use, but that’s adding a whole extra step in. Anydvd runs the files through FixVTS AS is copies to the hard drive.

give FixVTS a google to find out more about what it does.



“The ripper does additional things AnyDVD can’t do, because AnyDVD cannot scan the .vob files - you don’t want to wait 15 minutes for the DVD to be visible in Explorer -, e.g. it repairs wrong VOBU pointers (Menace II Society R1 is a good example for such a mastering error, Troy R2, Netherlands, “Seinfeld Season 6 Disc 3” R2, German)
These discs cannot be copied by CloneDVD without using the ripper, you will get a “Navigation Pack” or “IFO properties” error.
Don’t know about Shrink, Recode or others.
The ripper also works independant from AnyDVD, you can use it to copy from harddisk to harddisk as well.” --Slysoft


@ Pelvis Popcan,

The below is a an exact direct quote from the AnyDVD v5.9.1.1 (15 Feb 06) change log which was when the “AnyDVD Ripper” function was first incorporated into the AnyDVD software program.

“New: Added “AnyDVD Ripper”. This little tool repairs defective DVDs while copying them to your harddisk. It can be started from the menu of the AnyDVD fox icon. It can be started as a stand alone application from the start menu as well, so it can be used even if AnyDVD is not registered and the trial period has expired. It is identical to FixVTS ( but instead of fixing problems “in place” it copies the files to your harddisk directly from the source DVD. It fixes the problems while the files are copied. Some DVDs which have severe mastering defects e.g., “Menace II Society” R1 (US) can now be copied with all DVD copy tools (elby CloneDVD, DVDShrink, etc.) Many thanks to the author of FixVTS!”

Concerning Forum Search -> It appears that your CD Freaks Search button is malfunctioning because I personally have posted this exact same information concerning the AnyDVD Ripper function in numerous Forum Postings. Besides using the Forum Search the above information concerning the “AnyDVD Ripper” is readily available at the SlySoft ( Web Site.

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Thanks for the explanation guys. Yes, I meant using Windows Explorer while AnyDVD is running.