Very bad TA results with 716a!



I got my 3rd 716 a tla 0305, now with fw1.06.
I made some tests and every disc from different batches are in TA Test
bad(TY T02). Also the pie is double higher than my other 2 plexis tla 0203s.
I recognized that the discs are very very hot, not as usually. :a like a heating!
The other 716s are very good-excellent in the tests (same discs)
So guys what could it be, is it now a toaster for my breakfasts. :eek:
Any suggestions :confused:


Hi, I have a similar problem:
1st PX-716A TLA0202 (Nov 2004), media YUDEN000 T02 (Verbatim DVD+R 8x Pastel Slim-5x, Reorder #43464) written in Jan-Feb’05 at 8x with latest Nero and curently latest FW: ALL Plextools tests was OK, incl. TA (good and very good) but… the drive was very noisy and vibe and RMA-ed :frowning:
2nd PX-716A TLA0304 (Feb 2005), same media (from same package!) written at same 8x with same Nero version: ALL Plextools tests, EXCEPT TA, are OK:
SUM8 PIE: Avg 0.12, Max 9, Total 15896
SUM1 PIF: Avg 0.01, Max 2, Total 713
TA Test: Not Good-Not Good-Not Good
Same results with FW 04, 04u, 05, 06 and latest Nero. I re-check my old burned dvd’s (on 1st 716a) - TA is good and very good! In both cases PC-configuration is same, 716a is master on 2nd chanell (as slave is Premium), DMA is on, standard MS IDE driver, 80-pin cable (original from retail package).

P.S. Sorry for my english, this is my 1st post in this GREAT forum


Same thing for me. My SUM1 and SUM8 are great, disc read fine but TA look bad:-(. Someone can help us understand what happen.


I have been burning and testing different media with my Plex 716a and usaully I find that YUDEN000 T02 does not get great TA results when burned at 12x and over. Started to think something was wrong with my drive, but fortunatly I have other drives that give similar results. Normaly with my Plex I get Very Good, Bad and Bad in that order with TA tests on TYT02 when burned at higher speeds. Also I get this with MCC 004 although not quite as often. Also it has been dicussed that TA tests are not all that reliable.HTH.:slight_smile:


Sorry, I forgot to say what for speed I used. This tests are made with
4x burning speed. I just contact plextor technical support and the guy told me
the drive could be a case for RMA.
So i’ll return my drive and hope plextor send me back a new and a good one,
no heating, i’ve good weather here! :slight_smile:


Hi to everyone.
It’s my first message in this forum…
I have the same problem with my Plextor 716A, with the TA test.
For example, with a Verbatim 16:

Drive Info ID:0 PLEXTOR DVDR PX-716A V1.07 (#398974)
Test Settings Write Speed: 16.0X (22160 KB/s)
Test Result Disc Info: Blank DVD+R, MCC 004 00
FE Results
TE Results The test result is good within the tested area. This media can be written at the highest speed.
Test Duration 0:05:19

Avg 	Max 	Total 	 

PIE 0.27 12 35476
POF - - 0


Avg 	Max 	Total 	 

PIF 0.01 3 693
POF - - 0

But, when I run the TA test, I obtain :
Not Good- Not Good-Good

Any explanation?
Please… :bow:


So you said writing speed 16x
Maybe it’s just normal for this speed with this media. :confused:
Your Ta are not good , mine was bad and this with 4x speed Yuden T02
medias different batches. Each disc was bad. I had the luck that i’ve 2 other
716s so I was able to compare it with same writing speed and medias.
So i knew something is not ok with the 3rd one. I would try to burn at a lower
speed maybe at 8x to see what happens or if you know someone have a 716
try there a test burn and also I would use another media or batch so you could
see what’s with your drive :wink:


@spitsky. I kind of mentioned the same two posts above yours, the TA test don’t seem all that reliable when the media is burned at higher speeds. IMO. Betta Jitter and read transfer rate test will probably give you a better indication of the disc’s readability.


I have to admit the TA tests are a bit puzzling to me also. Bad, Not Good, This disk is a disaster! :o

The disks seem to play well and the SUM1, SUM8 tests are usually good.

So right now I’m pretty much ignoring the TA tests. I haven’t felt like messing with Vari-Record to see if it makes a difference.

Later, Conrad


I’m also frustrated by my bad TA results. Using the same stock, I burned a disk in my NEC 2510 that, when tested, came up good. Meanwhile all my Plextor burns using that stock were bad.

I have somewhat of a sensative Philips DVD player which will play the Plextor burned disk until it reaches a certain point (around 30 minutes in), then the image freezes.

Will these problems with bad burns be corrected by Plextor?


I would, as i said, compare it with different batches of media or with another drive.
I told this to the plextor guy and send them a mail, what burning speed i used etc…
The answer was, it would be recommended to request a Rma number.
If you’ve the feeling, something is wrong with your drive, i would contact customer
support. :wink:


I think this is normal for MCC004 at 16X on the Plextor. Generally jitter is bad. The drive just isn’t fully optimized on MCC media yet (even CD-Rs of MCC MID have more jitter issues than TY, for example). Try a burn at 12X–it should give much better results (e.g., Very Good, Good, Good). Firmware 1.07 seems to have improved this on my one drive which had more trouble before.


Hi all,

I also had bad TA. I thought burning at slower speed is better and I had always bad - bad - bad on my MCC003 @ 4X. One day I tried @8X and could not believe the result: excelent - good - good. Fuji TY T02 on the other hand is good - good - good at 4x, 6x and 8x. It looks like the sweet spot on my 716A TLA#0304 is 8x for the media I have.


“…the TA test don’t seem all that reliable when the media is burned at higher speeds.” said crossg.
With the same media (Verbatim 16, MCC004), I burn at 6.

Avg	Max	Total	 

PIE 0.24 13 33927
POF - - 0

Avg	Max	Total	 

PIF 0.01 2 1578
POF - - 0

TA Test: Not Good-Not Good-Not Good

Good burn? Bad burn?


@spitsky. That’s interesting don’t think I ever tried to burn MCC 004 at 6x but it looks like TA test don’t like slow either. Just remembered that for some reason TA results on my -R media are much better (TYG02 and MCC 02RG20) Make me wonder why??? Your Betta Jitter scan looks good to me Probably really good as i don’t know enough about it. Here is a scan of TYG02 DVD-R 8x.@16x


Thanks tons, crossg for telling us the TA tests aren’t reliable! I was thinking my burns were junk in some places. My PI/PO tests showed at least “Good” or “Very good” quality, but then the TA would say Not Good or even “Bad.” :eek: I was thinking I would have to RMA this TLA 307 px-716a and those results have been driving me nuts.


So…are you saying that YUDEN000-T02 (Fuji MIJ 8x DVD+R 50pk from Best Buy) is not as good as the TYG02 (that would be the same, but DVD-R)? If that’s the case, I’ll need to exchange one of my 50pk +Rs for one of the -Rs. But let me know if that seems a good idea. :wink: