Very bad CDRW-results with Plextor Premium

How is iit possible, that my Pletor Premium and the Plextor 482448 are not able to burn unknown CDRWs. Newest firmware 1.06 on both.
eg: maxell 1-4x (manufacturrer unknown), Platinum 1-4x (manuf. unknown)

The first burning ist ok, then it worsens quickly and burning cycle no. 3 or 4 shows
c1-rates far above 200 (often 500 or more), many c2-errors and uncorrectable errors, even when tested at 4x only.

But now the strange thing: I put these unreadable CDRWs into my prof. audio-recorder (marantz), and quite surprising:
After burning I have error-rates like this:
c1 in average 7-10, c1 at maximum at 35-40, no c2, no CU (and this at testing with 10-24x)

Thus I find it quite surprising, that Plextor is not able to find the correct laser calibration for unknown CDRWs, which every audio recorder does permanently with success.

Then I bought a lot of Sony CDRWs 4-10x (manuf. by Ricoh, a well known manufacturer).
Same situation: Quite fine rates at the first burning (c1 in average below 0,5),
But CDRW is unreadable ofter the 4th or 5th burning!!!
(but these CDRWs I cannot use in the audio recorder, because, 4-10x CDRWs cannot be used). But maybe the CDRWs would recover in an other CD-burner.

The only CDRWs which I use successfully are Verbatim 4x and 4-10x.
Here I have burnt 15 cycles, the error rates are like that:
c1 in average 10, maximum lower than 50, no c2, testing at 10-24x
c1 in average 8, maximum lower than 35, no c2, testing at 8x.

Conclusion: Plextor is a fine tool for grabbing CDs and burning CDRs, but with CDRW you will win no war with plextor.

Does this happen even when you “full erase” rather than “quick erase” the CD-RWs?

I hoped Full Erase would help.
But Full Erase has the same result as one burning cycle more (what it is indeed). Thus it brings no improvement.

Remark: The CDRW-problem is not a specific problem of my two burners, because I tried it on one further Plextor Premium AND on one further Plextor 48/24/48. Same bad results.
Thus it seems that all Plextors perform like these.

I found that problem; In addition, I couldn’t get the AutoStrategy thing to kick on on my unknown RW medias…

I thought the burner makes always automatically the OPC (optimized power calibration) if the media are unknown.
Besides the Ricoh-Sony CDRW10x should be known to the burner.


You’re talking about the Plextor PX-716A here, cjr is using a Premium and a PX-W4824TA which are of course both CD-RW burners and do not support AutoStrategy.

I don’t know why the drives are performing that bad with your media cjr but if you can, try to get your hands on some Mitsubishi manufactured Ultra-Speed (24x) CD-RW media. These should work just fine. If you need more help then we need some more details from you like system set-up, performance with CD-R media, etc.

I use also Verbatim 24x und 10x CDRWs which are ok.
The results with CDRs are in most cases very good (Ritek, TayoYuden and Verbatim are the media I use normally).

I was only wondering why the above mentioned CDRWs perform so badly, but only with Plextor, as they perform quite well on my audio-stand-alone writer. The only reason can be a wrong laser-power (maybe too low, because the media are not damaged, but perform well on the audio writer ,after I can not use them any longer on Plexwriter)

I also noticed that my Premium doesn’t do too well on those old (max. 4x) RW discs. My PX-241040 performs better on those. But keep in mind that the Premium was designed for 32x RW. But on my 4x discs I at least never had any read errors.

Even if designed for 32x CDRWs und 52x CDRs, a writer has to burn 4x CDRWs.

  1. If you use USB1 (I have the external Version), the burner has a maximal burning speed of 4x and is certified also for USB1.
  2. The results of burning CDRs at 4x show extremely low error rates (sometimes <0,5 c1 in average).

Maybe the Plextor writers have no OPC for unknown CDR(W)s??
I will now try to burn some of my ´"bad" CDRWs on an other CD-Writer


I get the same cd-rw maxwell 4x + tdk cd-rw 10x , I’ve burned them during more than one year and now I get the power calibration error , so I tried the plextor cd-rw (never used) supplied with the premium and same result “failure”.

I can’t even formated the cd-rw (always popup with “disc not empty , do you want to formated it ?”) ,when I tried these cd-rw on my samsung sw-252b burning and formating are ok so the media aren’t the problem.

I’m waiting for an rma at this time , next week I will receive the new one.

Early 1-4x media won’t work on the drives generally. Formulation and architecture are different on the earliest 1-4x designed before the multi-speed media was introduced. If you use normal speed 4-10x RW, you should not have a problem.

bob11879: What you mean is “1x-2x” CD-RW media. That is indeed incompatible to a lot of current drives. I bought such a disc ~7 years ago, in those times for about DM 45,- :slight_smile: