Very bad burns with Sony D11 and 1673S :(

Hi all! :slight_smile:
I have bought 3 Sony-Branded DVD+R 8x Certified blank media, with code SONY D11 but the tests after burning give me orribles results.

The firmware is the stock JS0D for 1673S, with only read speeds unlocked for all media at maximum values :confused:

Why this media are so bad with my drive? :a

Apart from the end that’s not bad at all O_o

In fact, the rest of the scan is near perfect!

It’s the end that is intresting… Can anyone help? :bow:

This spike is considerably big and symmetric - seems like a physical issue to me.
Maybe you’ve got some sucky batch, or the discs have got scratches near this position.

Besides, this is NOT a full 4.38GB burn - seeing one would help.

Mmh… it appears a phisical defective media :a

Sorry to hear that - hope you didn’t waste too much money on them.

It’s not bad at all - the spike at the end looks bad but with 40/10 still perfectly readable by any other device!

These dvd are not mine, but of a my friend :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile: