Very bad burning result 812S@832S FWCG3B

Hi guys!

I have tried almost everything but without any success. My 812S@832S is not able to burn any DVD (+ -) with good result. I have tried all FW, patched by OP, … nothing. I also tried to use new EEPROM Tool to reset learnt media, but also without good result.
I am using Traxdata DVD+R media 8x (Ritek R03) now, but I am not satisfied.
PI errors are too high, PIF seems to be OK.

Can anybody help me with this problem?

Kprobe scan result you can see in this thread:

Athon XP 1700+@1833 Mhz
333 fsb
Epox 8RDA (nVidia nforce2)
nVidia - Unified Driver v5.10
Windows XP Pro SP2

I was going to reply in the EEPROM Utility thread but this is probably a better place for your question anyway.

RITEKR03 was down graded to 4x in CG3B and the latest NEC 3500A. The reason for this is because the RITEKR03 media is quite variable and only some batches can be burned at 8x. Usually it burns very well at 4x and sometimes 6x, especially using the YudenT02 strategy. Try a 4x burn of this media and show us the results. Have you applied the recommended tweaks? If not, try this as well.

btw, cross posting like this is against cdf rules. :wink:

Thank for your answer, but this RitekR03 was burned at 4x. I also tried to use recommended tweaks, but without any better result. Strange is, that I can burn DVD-RW media (TDK502SakuM3 or Gigamaster - OptodiscW002) at 2x speed with very good result… I cannot understand, where is the problem?

Sorry about cross posting… I didn’t know about this rule.

Hmm, might just be a bad batch of media. Any chance you can get some different quality media to try. Especially with the media code of RICOHJPNR01, branded as Sony, Ricoh, Ritek Excellent, Fuji, Memorex…

Also you might want to try installing ASPI and removing your NForce IDE drivers.

OK, thanks. I will try it.

I have one more question:
After resetting learnt media by EEPROM utility, is necessary to flash one more new firmware or not ? When I did it (reset learnt media), I needed to flash new firmware, because it was not possible to burn any DVD media. I tried to burn DVD-RW to not loose one media and when Nero started to burn, drive started blinking red but buffer did not loaded fully. Speed of burning was very, very slow, maybe because of empty buffer.

Hey Code why do you suggest to remove Nvidia IDE drivers? Do they give problems??


Apart from the low quality media,your problem might lie in these factors :

For example, here you can see other burned results.

Yes, on some systems they can. Elevated error levels, with large spikes, is the most common. On some systems they work fine but the drive will not be detected by some programs like the bitsetting tool etc…

Those burn results are not good. :sad:

1/ How long does a 4x burn take?
2/ Install ASPI and remove NForce IDE driver.
3/ Try a 4x R01 burn with Nero CD-DVD Speed and show us the result. Post the burn scan, quality test scan and the transfer rate test scan.
4/ Get a 4x +RW disc, like a Verbatim and see how well that burns. It’s very similar to burning a +R disc and can be reused.

  1. Burning process was normal, cca 14 minutes (4x speed).
  2. I tried to uninstall nForce drivers and install original from Windows + ASPI 4.60
  1. Burning process was normal, cca 14 minutes (4x speed).
  2. I tried to uninstall nForce drivers and install original from Windows + ASPI 4.60, but also without good result. It was the same…
  3. I will try it, but now I don’t have any R01 media…so later.
    4.With +RW I will try it, of course and I let you know.

Sorry to butt in, but this is inaccurate, at least for the NEC drive. It’s the other way around. The newest NEC firmwares allow Ritek R03s to be written at 8x, while older firmwares (including the stock 2.16 firmware) only allowed to burn these discs at 4x.

My personal view on Ritek R03s (and other Ritek DVD+R media) is: If you want DVD+R media produced by Ritek, get RICOHJPNR01s or RICOHJPNR02s. Ricoh’s quality control seems to make the difference, and these discs usually aren’t even more expensive. I had much better experience with Ritek’s DVD-R media (especially Ritek G05s).

So…I am back with DVD+RW results.

I must have missed this post but what you’re saying is incorrect. NEC have still not increased the speed of RITEKR03/002 and the only firmware that will burn it above this speed is Liggy’s patched firmware, and don’t expect to get amazing results, with most of the R03 and this firmware either. See attached Nero disc info showing RITEKR03 and NEC v2.F8.

While those results are acceptable, they are also still quite odd looking; especially the step up and down in PI errors, near the end. Is anything happening on you system, while the burn is taking place, that could be causing a buffer underrun. How did you burn the +RW? Have you tried burning the +RW with Nero CD-DVD Speed create data disc?

That’s expected from the Maddog 2.F8 firmware, because it does not support Ritek R03s at 8x indeed. Same for the stock 2.16 firmware and Herrie’s 2.17 firmware. All of these firmwares are not in the “newest” category I was talking about. With “newest” firmwares I meant the NEC / IODATA 2.27 firmware (which Liggy’s firmware is based on), or the TDK 2.C8 firmware, or the very new Maddog 2.F9 firmware.

This is comparison of the Maddog 2.F8 (the firmware you used for your screenshot) and Maddog 2.F9 medialist:

Maddog 2.F8

52 49 54 45 4b 00 00 00 52 30 33 01 01 -> [RITEK   R03  ] 2.4 4.0 

Maddog 2.F9

52 49 54 45 4b 00 00 00 52 30 33 02 01 -> [RITEK   R03  ] 2.4 4.0 6.0 8.0
52 49 54 45 4b 00 00 00 52 30 33 03 01 -> [RITEK   R03  ] 2.4 4.0 6.0 8.0

Thanks packetloss. I stand corrected. I’ve obviously lost touch a bit with the goings on, of the NEC. I must go and try the update. :slight_smile:

I found that everything I burned with an 812@832 firmware was worse than with US0Q. I had my best results with R03s at 6X using Omnipatcher fixes. It might work for you as well.

Yes, 6x using the T02 startegy is usually a good result, with the R03 and some will even burn brilliantly at 8x, but most will not. Some even prefer the stock R03 strategy. So in CGxx I will leave it at 4x, on the stock strategy and anybody who wants to try burning it at higher speeds can use OmniPatcher…