Very bad burn quality NEC3520A 3.04 with TYG02 and MCC 02RG20 Why?




  1. write 12x

  2. write 8x

  3. write 4x

  4. write 8x

  5. write 4x

is my NEC defect?




Maybe you have a bad batch of disks? One of the Tyg02 scans looks pretty good, basically what I would expect. Did you check if DMA was enabled?


Is this how your drive has burned from the beginning or where burns better in the past?


You cannot compare this scans, you have to scan the disks at the same speed, 5x or 8x, other speeds seem to work not so good. Your 5x scans don´t look so bad, you can also do some transfer test @13x to contrast with quality scans…