Very annoying hdd problem




I have some years old p4 with msi 865pe-neo2 motherboard and pata 160gb wd hdd. Some time ago I started to have “Dram timings is too tightly so reload timing” message rarely. I checked my ddrams and found nothing.

Then the message started to get more frequent and therefore I didn’t close my computer for a long time in order to not see the message. Now when I close my computer it starts to check (spin up/down) hdd and dvd-drives constantly and making weird sounds. I cannot even get to bios opening beep sound. I wanted the isolate the problem removing the rams one by one, agp card and dvd drives and hdd. Only when I remove the hdd it gets to bios screen with a beep.

But i cannot say that my hdd is died because if i get dvd and cd drive disconnected very rarely i can get to bios with the dram timings message.

I plan to build a new computer however use this one for spare or give to my wife. Although I have been using pc for years I have never came across to this type of problem.

I have found this thread which I think is closer to my problem. So which can be the closest problem so I will start to replace from that one. Power supply, hdd or motherboard.

During my search in google I came across the “dram timings” message with people usually having the same motherboard. However now, I cannot even see that message because hdd and drives are just trying yo spinup/down

Thank you in advance for the comments


I think Dram is related to your ram. if you have two ram chips remove them and try each one separately. Or someone went in to your bios and chose settings that would mess up your ram timmings.