Vertical recording help :P

Hello, I hope I post this in the right section, if not sorry for that. :stuck_out_tongue:
I got a problem:
I have a Canon Powershot A70 photocam and i also can make small mpg’s with it. And I did, because of the view I recorded not horizontal but vertical. (turned the cam 90 degrees while recording)

With pictures that aint a problem cos you can turn them on your computer.

I have to watch this mpg (and its a very preciouse one) on my computer while turning my neck 90 degrees! :rolleyes:

Is there any software I can use to turn this movie horizontal again? :confused:

Somone gave me a link for my videocard to turn my whole screen but thats not the solution.

Thanks anyway :cool:

Depends on how you want the final video encoded… but you almost have to re-encode the file anyways.
Virtualdub has a rotate filter. Just drop your video into VD, select Rotate2 and set at 90 degrees… check expand frame to fit. Then resize back to your original resolution. You may need to add borders if your original video had them. Pick a video codec to save as (Huffyuv or other lossless would be prefered if you’re going back to MPEG) and save your file.

Thank you :bow: verryyyy much will try that! :bigsmile:

btw… My mum is sowww happy now You… on top of her :bigsmile: , she is 70 and you? :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: