Vertical mounting DVD drive

Hello all,

My name is Giovanni, I’m from italy.
I’m new here, I found this wonderful forum and decided to ask your help.
I’m now in the process of building my HTPC, it is pratically ready, but I have an annoying problem ith my DVD/CD drive.
I bought a GMC R2 Toast case (Actually I don’t like it too much, the quality is not the best, but it looks very fine and fits perfectly close my TV set…
However, the CD/DVD drive must be installed verticaly in such a case, but all the unit I tried make too much noise and vibrates too much in vertical position, so I cannot use them.
I tried an optiarc drive (AD7200), a DVD reader (Samsung SH-D162D) and a really old CD writer, all of them make a loud noise, due to vibrations…

Can you help me to find a DVD reader that is quiet installed in vertical position?
The only drives that are reported by the builder for vertical installation are the Pioneer ones, has anyone tried them in such an installation?
I was thinking to buy a DVR-116D, if it is quite enough fot HTPC use.
Please help me!!!

Thank you very much.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I never tried to install a drive vertically, but maybe you can try a trick.

Try to use Nero DriveSpeed so the drive is forced to read the disc at a slow speed (for example not more than 4x). In this way the drive should be more silent.

Try this before to get a new drive (it’s cheaper for sure :bigsmile:)