Vertical lines in copied dvd



I am using i click dvd copier and any dvd decrypter. everything works fine except there are vertical lines in my copies. Any ideas what to do to get rid of the lines?? Thanks in advance


This happening on all copies, or just a specific title? I’ve backed up a bunch of my originals and have never seen vertical lines on a copy.

It could be an issue of your player not liking your media. If you are using -r, try some +r, or vice versa.

Or, it could be bad media. Try something made in Japan.

Or, it could be that you are burning too fast, go into your burning option (F9) and set your burn speed to 4X.


I just bought the burner, nec 3550a, ridata dl+r, and imitation +r and -r. Burned at 4x. It is on all the copies I have burned. The one movie I copied to harddrive has no lines when played on comp,but when I burned it it had the lines


It might be a hardware issue. I’d return the burner and try another. I’m a regular poster/reader over on the main 1Click forum and I have never read a post regarding a problem of vertical lines. A forum search over there only has one hit on vertical lines and that was in a thread about copying VHS tapes over to DVD. Probably a macrovision issue in that case.


I would say that most of the time it has to do with the dvd player or the media