Versions, Revisions and DVD-R 8x Burning

Greetings all

Problem : I’m trying to burn Verbatim DVD-R 8x on the latest Pioneer and BTC burners, both 8x burning enabled for DVD-R. My problem is (as far as I can tell) that the media I have is revision 1, and the burners will only accept revision 2 (or 3?) as valid 8x DVD-R. The JVC DVD-R 8x that came with the Pioneer worked fine (Version 2, revision 3), but Nero will only let me burn the Verbatim discs at 4x.

Now… if I upgrade the firmware on the burners, will this fix anything? Am I doomed to write at 4x on a 8x virgin DVD? Is there a fix or anything else I’m missing? :confused:

Help! :bow:

Yes, definitively upgrade the firmware. Should fix the problem with the Pioneer at least (upgrade to firmware 1.13).

I do not know the BTC yet. BTC DRW1108IM, right?

Many Thanks! :bow:

Strange that the Pioneer works well with a version 2/revision 3 and not with revision 1… shouldn’t older stuff should be more compatible? :confused:

Curiously enough, it works fine on the LG burner I’m testing now. Go figure. And yes, that’s the BTC I have here.

Anyways, I’ve given up on the firmware upgrade, reckon it’s best to dawdle with the burners “as is”, instead of going out and doing stuff to it that the average user wouldn’t do.

Now for something completely different… not. What’s a good site for firmware updates for DVD burners?