Versions, Revisions and DVD-R 8x Burning

Greetings all

Here’s my problem : I’m trying to burn Verbatim DVD-R 8x on the latest Pioneer and BTC burners, both 8x burning enabled for DVD-R. My problem is (as far as I can tell) that the media I have is revision 1, and the burners will only accept revision 2 (or 3?) as valid 8x DVD-R. The JVC DVD-R 8x that came with the Pioneer worked fine (Version 2, revision 3), but Nero will only let me burn the Verbatim at 4x.

Now… if I upgrade the firmware on the burners, will this fix anything? Am I doomed to write at 4x on a 8x virgin DVD? Is there a fix or anything else I’m missing? :confused:


An updated firmware usually extends the media compatibility list inside the writer. You have a fair change of writing 8x at verbatim’s when you upgrade to a better firmware revision.

Be sure to check the changelog of the firmware version.

If this fails , you could also try and find a hacked firmware , which usually accepts all media to the highest speed possible. See for more information. Be warned that flashing your writer will instantly void its warranty …

Yes … even when it’s a firmware which is supplied by the official manufacturer/dealer/shop.