Versions and Hang with new LG Drive



I recently updated my DVD Writer from a LG GSA-4081 to a GSA-4163 (dual
layer DVD+R capable), and since I did this Nero hangs when it is started,
with the “Scannig devices” display in the splash screen. If I kill the nero
processes I find the DVD writer is blown away until the system is powered
down and restarted (not just rebooted) :frowning:

Is it possible that this is caused by the fact that the GSA-4163 is not a “supported”
drive, while the GSA-4081 is ? The Windows write-up says this should not be
a problem, but maybe for the Linux version it is ?

I will admit that this ATAPI drive is hanging on a SCSI converter, but so was the
old one, and it did not have any problems.



Really amazing… NeroLINUX has been fully tested with exactly this burner. Maybe the problem comes from your SCSI converter. Have you tried to put it on a real IDE channel ?


Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

The drive works perfectly via the SCSI converter using cdrecord-pro, k3b or with
DVD-RAM as a R/W disk, so I do not think there is really a problem with the drive
itself and SCSI, but there always could be. k3b correctly identifies it as
“HL-DT-ST - GSA4163B”. Maybe I am too impatient and I should give Nero more
time to see if it can work out what is attached, but I would think a few minutes
should be enough. The old GSA-4081 was connected via the same converter with
no changes, and NeroLinux did not have a problem with that, so it’s something odd.

Next time I open the case I’ll see if I can easily move the drive to IDE (the case
is pretty crowded, so it may not be so easy, and if I have to take it out to make
the test I might as well put the older drive back and just do things a little more
slowly :slight_smile:



Problem solved ! It seems I was too impatient, it took a long time, maybe 5 minutes, but in the end Nero did detect the LG drive and after that first time it starts much more quickly.