Version update

premastering bug found in version sorry about the really quick
update but we thought it would be better to let people know.
Longer updates next time …promise :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info! Posted it on the mainpage.

great info if only i could it get to work in my f**** xp

Hi tazie

You shouldnt have problems using xp, the software was developed using this os

If your having problems let us know a bit more information and im sure we can sort your simple problems out which may not even be cd mates fault!

need a working serial for the new CD Mate.

Hi scoty
We do understand certain serials are floating around and you could probably get one quite easily from sites like these but we take no responsibility if you dont have a “single registered” serial what may happen to cd mate!
If you do want a working serial we are always on the lookout for “good” testers etc and people, especially dutch ones who may be able to help us with a bit of translation for submission to dutch, german downloads sites etc :slight_smile:

You can always buy one at cd mate also after all we do offer lifetime upgrades and our 30 day trial is “fully functional” no limitations trial with just a “nag screen” at start up.

i pm ed you the specifications or was it to biaz

you guys said you’ll email me no email received

i really like the looks and if it’s true that it’s nero meets clone i’ll love it cause then with 1 burning app my registers would me be less fuxored up

btw my 30 days are over :-(( and i still havnt made a single copy with cd mate:( :frowning: is it possible to try it before i buy it without freezing

Please help

btw i’m dutch;) :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

A dutchman in belgium :slight_smile:

If your 30 days are up then maybe you werent using version or above which has been reported as fixing lots of peoples problems!
Im sure you would know how to retry it for another 30 days so if you havent already uninstall it and try it again.
Then see how you get on and maybe we can take it from there. :wink:

lol dude d/l the latest still fuxoring up my system

damn is it xp or cd mate i h8 4 rebootings in 5min is just to much

tazie… please list allll the hardware you’re trying to use with XP. Is your XP retail or “corp” cough cough ?

I have spoken with tazie and we are trying to sort him out!
Cd mate was developed using xp so there shouldnt be a problem there.