Version 8.0 of free burning software BurnAware released



We’ve just posted the following news: Version 8.0 of free burning software BurnAware released[newsimage][/newsimage]

BurnAware have released version 8.0 of their CD, DVD and Blu-ray burn software.

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I don’t know much about this software, but I must say the 8.9 MB filesize (for the pro version) seems quite impressive compared to bloatwares like Nero. The gui looks quite simple to use, as well.


How do they avoid the Cinavia problem then? Since there is no info how they can remove this I doubt it can get past Cinavia problem or how they can get past DVD CSS protection makes me wonder can it really do it? And don’t mention it requires Anydvd HD to work that would otherwise makes this program not worth the paper it is printed on.


@ coolcolors .I’ve installed a giveawayoftheday version before that would have been a paid version otherwise.
I don’t have it installed now . It doesn’t have a decrypter or Cinavia “removal”.

It is fairly easy to use & that makes it good for a newb.

Most of what it does I & most of the members here would use ImgBurn .


Awesome thank you!