Version 34.0 of faster 64-bit version of Firefox released



We’ve just posted the following news: Version 34.0 of faster 64-bit version of Firefox released[newsimage][/newsimage]

Version 34.0 of Waterfox, the faster version of FireFox has been released.

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I appreciate this post. The last thing I had heard about 64-bit Firefox was that it was unusable and frankly I thought it had been abandoned. Since Firefox is my preferred browser I’m happy to check this out.


Excellent news;)


hmm…my last FFx64 is Namoroka 3.6.3 that I last installed. I waited for a x64 version. Downloaded and installed it and it looks exactly like my FF? Is it suppose to be like that or did I miss something in the install? I know Namoroka had a different style and look to it?


The Waterfox version has a Dark Blue globe and a Black Fox instead of a Light Blue and Orange fox.
It seems to install also on the computer along with the regular firefox


Unfortunately, Waterfox also carries over the most absolute worst feature of Firefox: the Australis UI. As long as that effed-up piece of crap is still there, I’m sticking with Pale Moon.


What I really like about the install is that it imported everything that I had going in Firefox: Open windows/tabs, all add-ons, 64-bit plugins, history, bookmarks, all settings. That is pretty awesome. And yes you can still use Firefox.


Just installed it. First impressions are good as it appears to work just like the 32-bit version I have used for years and years. Add-ons all function and it does seem a bit snappier.

BTW, it is posts like this that keep me coming to this site year after year. Thanks for the heads-up on this one!