Version 3 works, but not 4 with old movies

I have never had any issues converting dvd’s to mp4(h264) until I upgraded to version 4. I have numerous old movies (dvd’s bought in last 1-2 years) that convert fine using version, but never finishes using version 4 (I stop after 8-12 hours).

Version 3 speed is 12fps while version 4 is 0.01fps

Here’s some of the movies:
She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (John Wayne)
The Flying Leathernecks (John Wayne)
The Flying Tigers (John Wayne)

Anyone have any suggestions?

I think all of these movies have AC-3/1 soundtracks. This was corrected in v4.0.2.0. Try that and see if it works. I have done my whole Tarzan box set with the new version. Perfect. :clap:

Anyone have any suggestions?[/QUOTE]
Hi jam937,

I suspect this is a failure of Fab to handle the “old” mono AC-3/1 audio when converting to mpeg-4.
My good friend signals stumbled across this when converting some of the old Tarzan flicks with Johnny Weissmuller. After some testing and tweaking, Ting put in the fix with v.

If you haven’t done so, recommend that you install and give it another shot.

Good luck and let us know…

Hey signals…
typing at my usual “turtle” speed and enjoying the distractions of my two college kids at home…:bigsmile:

I’ll tell ya what, you two guys are a heck of a tag team you know that ! LOL. ~ Mike

All is working now with the Beta version


[QUOTE=jam937;1956482]All is working now with the Beta version


:cool:…good to hear you’re up and running.