Version 2.0.12 is out



available on the web site. please post your comments about this version in this thread



newbie question: is it possible to create bootable discs using ONLY copytodvd? nero offers this option (although a little bit more complicated), but i had such a headache with nero in the past (not to say wasted money as well) that i’m thinking of giving copytodvd a try.




Hi there,

I already have a Feature Request in with VSO to have such option :iagree:

I to use Bootable CD at work so boot up with tools, and close hard drives etc… :clap:


Great version. Working very well. Many thanks for keeping up with new features each time!


hehehe, i wanted to HEAR from one of the VSO developers about anything like that. i’m glad you submitted such request, but i actually did ask this question loooong time ago (~ 9 - 12 months ago), but never received any answers. it looks like there are either some difficulties implementing such feature or this feature is just not so much in demand.

but it would be nice, though, to RECEIVE an answer from one of the “big kahunas” (ie. chief developers). copytodvd is currently just “another” burning program for me… little extras like the ability to make bootable CDs would push this program into the “professional” level – that’s how I see it ;).




well, after 2 weeks, again no answer. so it seems i was correct that creation of bootable CDs/DVDs are or will not be supported… :sad:



Don’t expect miracles in short time.
VSO is not a huge company with hundreds of coders, so they consentrate on some products, (making updates, fixing bugs, adding functions) finish that job and then take another product under work.


well, i wasn’t expecting any miracles, just a SHORT answer – ANY answer to get acknowledged that some soule is actually reading this thread. customer support is not just about posting “propaganda” news of their products…




You are write you should have been answered sooner, I and asked someone else as I didn’t know myself: bootable CDs can be copied with Blindwrite, but if you are talking about creating them from scratch, which is not possible with CopyToDVD as of now.

(special thanks to Philipp for the answer)