I notice on the “current versions” page that they say that NeroLinux is at version now…but the actual download place still shows when starting a download. Also, there is NO WAY to determine WHAT IS THE CURRENT VERSION at the silly download site. I wish that they would change the method on getting this and make it easy to get updates. I don’t like that we have to “register” every time…and where is this so-called version

I don’t have NeroLinux installed on my new fresh install of SuSE 9.3 yet…don’t know if I’m going to or not, unless some of the issues with get cleared up. Does anyone have version and do they know what the differences are?





New version is now available from this page.

ChangeLog for this version:

[li]New NeroAPI version (more devices supported)
[/li][li]New demo dialog
[/li][li]Minor bugfixes


Hmm nice to see an update. As i’m a linux user, i love changelogs… Are there any? :slight_smile: And maybe you people should think of a bugzilla site for reporting linux bugs. This forum is not really a good place for it…


Just downloaded and working fine for me. This new download procedure is MUCH better! Demo version, just like the Regular Nero…my Serial number works fine in it, but it sure is nice not to have to go throught that goofy way of downloading it anymore.

It looks to me as if Nero is serious about this stuff now that they have released an update. I’m very happy and will start to use it more now.


I dont have a shortcut for Nero in the Start menu any more. Does all have that problem og only the Fedora core 3 users (Red Hat)?


No, in my SuSE 9.3, the menu/desktop file didn’t install. I just edited the start menu
manually and added a shortcut to the desktop. The executable is “nero” and is
installed in your $PATH so it shouldn’t be any problem


This is normal as SuSE 9.3 is not yet inside our supported distributions list. But nevertheless, under Fedora Core 3, you should have a menu item.

I remember that sometimes with Gnome you have to re-login after upgrade so that the menu files get read once again… but I don’t think it is still the case with Fedora Core 3.


There is no menu icon for Nero in my Fedora 3. And now i have logged in and restarted several times…


Ah… we just discovered that there was a (very small) bug when updating the package. In fact, the post-installation script that installs the desktop files in their distribution-specific locations is executed just before the removal script deletes them.


Well, wadayaknow…it happens. No real harm done…next version will be fine. In the mean-time, manually editing the menu is no problem. I am looking forward to more refinement and increased capabilities of this program. I am using it more now and am beginning to like it a lot…