Version released

  1. NEW Increased memory buffer from 128 to to 256
  2. NEW support for isz, b5t b6t image file formats
  3. NEW Upgraded Reading Engine, Speed Improved
  4. NEW Upgraded Writing engine, Speed Improved
  5. NEW Upgraded Starwind ISCSI function
  6. NEW SPTD layer to version 1.47
  7. FIX Addressed some blacklisting problems
  8. FIX Bugs reported by some users
  9. FIX Vista compatible problem concerning activation
  10. UPDATE language files
  11. UPDATE Devsupp additional support for more drives

No manuals offered and you don’t allow new members into the support forum!

Quite an exclusive club you guys run.

I’ll pass on using Alcohol :Z products.

Perhaps you should do a little research:

There are two forums running at Alcohol-Soft. One forum is for Customers only where they get priority support and a trial forum (that does not require registration) for trial users and any member that hasn’t applied for customer status when the new policies came in to affect.

From my knowledge there’s a manual when you install Alcohol although I’m not sure as I’m not running Alcohol at the moment, is there one zamiell?

Whoops, missed that part of the post. Yup, sure is. Pressing F1 inside Alcohol etc will bring it up.

In addition to above, if you contact the support team by e-mail they can setup an account in the Customer section of the forum for you. Put “Purchased User” in the subject field, and your desired username on the forums as well as your registered e-mail address when your purchase(d) Alcohol.

i have this alcohol 120%. the problem is this when i try to copy the games itr deosnt work… I have tried to copy F.E.A.R(pc game) so please can you help

Im from fiji

This isn’t the thread to request help, its simply to inform people that a new version of Alcohol is released.

Will Alcohol add Virtual IDE like DT pro in the future?

^ DT Pro doesn’t yet have virtual ide (if indeed it ever will have).

And the answer - so far as I’m aware - is most likely not. But then again, anything can happen.

Alcohol 120% already update to Version 1.9.6 Build 5429

Changes in version, 2007-07-02 :
*NEW b5t, b6t and isz in image finder and shell extension options 
*FIX Minor bugs found 
*FIX Automount problem 
*UPDATE Supported drive list
*UPDATE SPTD to v1.50